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Dec 112012

Well, it’s time to put my nose to the grindstone and shift my holiday crafting into high gear.  I recently noted that the present date is considerably closer to my holiday crafting deadline than I had realized, and so I opted to drop everything I was working on and re-prioritize my crafting energies.  Unfortunately, I won’t have much to show you for a while.

But, I did finish my shawl over the weekend.

And after I finished blocking her, decided to take advantage of the light dusting of snow we received, and ventured out on a photoshoot early in the morning on Sunday.

This yarn is the Kathee Nelson Art Yarn Ritz Lace that I procured last year at Sock Summit in Portland and it is amazing.  The name “Ritz Lace” totally applies, as it feels LUXURIOUS.  For this shawl (the medium size), I used approximately 67% of the skein, and I am wondering if I have enough left to make a small shawlette.

Anyway, my adventures into soup-making continue.  Still using my new soup cookbook, I whipped up a batch of the split pea soup (which contained, among other things, green split peas, potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, and bacon).  And yes, this photo is fairly true to color – – I think that all of the carrots gave the soup that yellow tinge.  And except for the peas, I already had everything in my kitchen stores to make this soup, which always makes me feel satisfied and not-wasteful.  Besides adding more bacon than the recipe called for, my only other modification was to add several hefty dashes of cayenne pepper, because I loves me a soup with KICK!

Incidentally, that bread (which clearly shows that my toaster machine needs some TLC because it toasts very unevenly) is a locally made cheddar-scallion sourdough that is AMAZING.  It is by far my favorite bread on this earth, and I am one lucky bread-consuming human, because there is a little market a few blocks from my home that sells THIS BREAD as well as my favorite variety of ice cream in all of the universe.  Needless to say, I take a trip to this market several times a week…

In other news, I continue to do my yoga, in addition to my normal exercise routine, and it is going well.  In the past ten days, I’ve only skipped doing yoga once and that was ONLY because I had gone a bit bananas during a hip opening sequence and pulled my groin.  It wasn’t a painful groin pulling, but the muscles and tendons felt all floppy and without strength, which led me to doubt my ability to hold a pose safely, so I took the next day off.

Anyway, I’ve also decided to retain my membership to the online yoga studio.  The variety of classes, styles, and instructors seems to keep me interested.  I have a tendency to fall back to my comfort zones and do the same thing over and over, and so I like that this variety is pushing my comfort level and encouraging me to “mix it up” (which is always beneficial for exercise activities).   Further, I have never considered myself to have good balance or coordination, and have been surprising myself with my capacity to move into and hold some of the more difficult (for me) yoga poses.


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  1. That shawl looks great. I’m intrigued by the shape. It’s not triangular, but the points give it a more angular feel.

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