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Oct 132012

Pattern: Simplicity 2655 (Have previously made a wearable muslin from this pattern)
Fabric: Some twill from unknown compound bought at thrift store for a few dollars
Yards: Approx 2 yards
Notions: Invisible Zipper, Horsehair Braid, Acrylic Yarn & Bias Tape (for piping)

Having just finished my new twirly skirt (see above for my attempt to capture the twirl action on camera) I am officially a fan of the Simplicity 2655 pattern.  This is my second version of this skirt, and even though it is made out of a potentially drab grey fabric, it has a remarkable flair that balances cuteness and sophistication.  A perfect addition to my fab fall wardrobe!

 (Now that I’m looking at these photos, I see that I wasn’t wearing the skirt centered on my hips, so please forgive my off-kilter seam.)

I was concerned that this drabbish grey fabric would produce a drabbish skirt, so I added some yellow piping along the  flounce as well as some horsehair braid along the bottom hem.  The piping I constructed all by myself, using some bias tape (that I made out of a fat quarter) and some acrylic yarn after skimming this piping installation tutorial from Colette Patterns.  I opted to “slapdash” my piping together with some acrylic yarn because I was uninterested in taking a trip out to Joann’s for some cording (generally, I love shopping for fabric, yarn, or other crafting supplies, but Joann’s really makes me want to hang myself… something about their failure to provide adequate staffing, particularly during mega blowout sales, that makes the shopping experience  rather horrendous).  The acrylic yarn worked very nicely and I love the piping detail on the skirt.  The horsehair braid was among my bounty from a recent thrift store excursion and I wanted some additional twirl effect from the skirt.  This was my first attempt at installing horsehair braid and I admit that it is a little uneven in its tension around the skirt, but I like it.

When I bought this fabric (at another thrift store excursion), I was under the impression that it was wool.  It has a woolish texture and appearance (and the thrift store label on it said “wool fabric”), but this is definitely not wool, by any stretch of the imagination.  The fabric had me almost convinced that it was wool until I went to iron it – – trust me, I am familiar with the various smells of wool and I know that wool under the iron does not emit that horrible chemically odor.  So, I really don’t know what this fabric is… it’s very very scratchy and obviously was engineered to give the appearance of wool (and it does seem to be very warm like wool).

I also added a lining from some very slippery fabric to the underside of the skirt.  I didn’t want the “wool”ish texture of the skirt to cling to the tights I will wear with this as the temperatures become cooler.

In these photos, I am wearing my new skirt with my Oleander sweater, which is one of the sweater patterns in my High Desert eBook, and I think this is a great pairing of skirt and sweater.

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  1. Jennifer, I love how the skirt turned out! That is seriously a fab fall outfit. Um, did you get some new pumps too? Cause those are loverly.

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