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Apr 122012

Compared to knitting, sewing has a major advantage: relatively speedy gratification.  Not ‘instant gratification’, but significantly more timely than the prolonged amount of time it takes to knit a garment.  I started work on this skirt on Sunday, spending a few hours on it that day, then I did not sew again until Wednesday, when I was able to finish it in another few hours.  So, maybe 4 hours of working time.

Pattern: Pinwheel Skirt (free tutorial)
Fabric: Linen from Joann’s (2 yards), on sale for $6 per yard
Notions: lacy bias tape & invisible zipper

Overall, I am mostly pleased with this skirt.  The pattern was a free tutorial that I found over on Pinterest and I don’t want to be too critical of a free pattern because, well, it was free.  This is definitely an appropriate project for my current skill level and I was able to put this together, for the most part, very easily and frustration-free.

That said, there did seem to be a few instructions missing (and I don’t know if it’s just because I’m a novice that I need additional hand-holding, or if, when I printed it out, some pieces of the pattern were outside the margins).  For one, my triangles (which go on to form the pinwheels at the front) produced a much smaller pinwheel.  I haven’t gone back to analyze this situation, so I’m not sure what happened – – I have just noted that my finished skirt looks different than the designer’s.  Also, there didn’t seem to be any instructions about adding the lacy bias tape – – one photo had the pinwheels without lace, and then later they had lace.  Not really a big deal, but I was momentarily confused, and then had to consider how I might best add the lacy bias tape.

As for the finished skirt, I actually prefer my smaller pinwheel to the larger version  And in the back, I made much smaller pleats, which I think was a good modification.  As you can see, the skirt gives me a bubble-butt appearance (which, I don’t need any help with that) and larger pleats in the back would have further exacerbated my bubble-buttedness.

One thing that I disliked about the skirt is that its waistband was basically a long rectangle.  Having recently completed my A-Line Skirt, I found that having a curved waistband was great for the fit of the skirt.  Conversely, the rectangle waistband produced these stupid-looking lumps at my hips and the fit was not good.  And of course, I didn’t have the foresight to notice this before cutting out the pieces, so yet another lesson for me and future skirts.  After attaching the waistband, I did jimmy-rig some shaping into the waistband, but it doesn’t look very good, and I will be wearing my shirts pulled over the waistband of this skirt.

As you can see, Kiko was very helpful during this photoshoot.  By the way, Josh and I recently celebrated our one year ‘kitty-versary’.  It was in early March of last year that we brought Kiko home from the Humane Society and now we can’t really imagine life without the little sweetie.

Anyway, were I do make another pinwheel skirt, I would also cut the main body of the skirt with more negative ease.  Right now, it looks kind of floppy and there is too much fabric.  Perhaps more of a pencil skirt shape would look better.

See what I mean?  …Floppy.  And not at all seductive like in the designer’s sexy photos.

But I do think it turned out mostly nice.  I am wearing it to work today, have received several compliments, and feel like I’m rocking a little bit of style.  (Just a little bit of style because I don’t have a good shirt to wear with this… soon, I hope to make a pretty blouse to go with this skirt).

In other news, on Saturday I will be racing in the Barking Spider XC race, which I’ve been mentioning on this blog for some time.  I have not been “training” like I thought about doing, but I have been riding consistently and did a few big mountain bike rides over the weekend.  My goal is to try to have a fun time riding my bike with hundreds of other people and ride at a level of intensity that will make me feel good about myself.  I will be racing in the CAT 2 Sport level and I’m sure there will be a lot of people in my category who have trained much more diligently than I have.  Hence, why my goals are to have fun and to ride at an intensity that will make me proud of myself (which might not correspond to the intensity of the other racers).  Additionally, my bike currently needs quite a bit of service and my bad for procrastinating on this because the bike mechanics are currently slammed with bike servicing… what with it being two days before the race (shame on me).  So anyway, on Saturday around about 12:40 MST, feel free to send me some racing mojo (because, you know, that is a real thing that actually improves performance, unlike say, “training”).

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  1. Whooo. Great job on getting that skirt done. I imagine those sewing instructions were a little like knitting patterns. Sometimes you get to guess a bit.

    And good luck with your race!

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