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Dec 312012

2012 was a significant year for me and my crafting, not only because I was able to get my first collection of patterns published, but also because I taught myself how to sew, which were huge in the personal growth and development experiences.  I learned so much this year, both about knitting and sewing techniques, but also spent some time really thinking about that which provides me with joy and satisfaction.  I am very introverted and I don’t tend to enjoy going out and being around lots of people, and I much prefer to spend my time alone, working on creative pursuits.

For 2013, my crafting goals are broad: keep learning and expanding skill sets, focus on creating what I want rather than what might be trendy, and really really try to knit and sew from the stash before purchasing more yarn and fabric.

Anyway, without further adieu, here is everything that I was able to finish in 2012, with knitting projects first and then sewing projects.


Slope Style 


Sipapu the First 


Sipapu the Second



Evening Primrose



Camas Lily


Manly Asymetrical Saxon Braid Cable Sweatervest









Swirch Hat

Bike Helmet Earmuffs


Wee Baby Mittens

Lobster Gloves / Glittens

Socks / Slippers / Other Foot Warmth

Recluse Slippers

Happy Sunshine Socks

Seahorse Sock

Wee Baby Booties

D O T S Socks

Sewing Projects

Learn-to-Sew Projects


Pilgrim Skirt

It’s Not Rocket Science Skirt

Pinwheel Skirt

Fake it while you Make it Skirt

Simplicity 2655

Non-Applique Skirt

Blue Pencil Skirt

Dotty Pencil Skirt

“Wool” Twirl Skirt


Perseverence and Ingenuity Blouse

Capped Sleeve Blouse the Second

Wearable Muslin Sorbetto

Sorbetto the Second

Gray Renfrew

Queen of the Mountains Top

Damask Tunic

Butterick 5354

Capped Sleeve Blouse the Third


Fugly Trousers

HOORAY Trousers!

Business Time Trousers

I am very excited about what 2013 will bring.  I have spent this past week off from the Day Job in a “Crafty-cation” and have several finished knitting and sewing projects to show you.

  3 Responses to “~ 2012: A Year of Crafting ~”

  1. Wow. I knew you’d been productive this year, but geez Jennifer! You made a lot of amazing stuff! Go you!

  2. You made a lot !!! I love your skirts, I wish I knew how to sew…

  3. I am so impressed with your output. And congrats again on getting a knit collection out. I can appreciate how much time and effort that took.

    And I second focusing “on creating what I want rather than what might be trendy.” It’s tough to not follow a trend sometimes, but in the end it is more satisfying to follow your own interests.

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