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Nov 072016

Recently, a knitting designer I follow announced her resignation from the design world. She described changes in the industry over the last five years that have made her trade unsustainable and unenjoyable, changes that I have experienced as well. When I began to dabble in this profession, it was a wonderful and satisfying challenge where I could meld my creativity and technical writing strengths. Knitters were enthusiastic! And kind. I developed relationships with knitters, yarnies, and other designers. …Over time, the experience shifted.

My life and my priorities have also shifted. I have a rambunctious and amazing toddler, who is the most lovable guy I can imagine. I have a Day Job that is so much more than a day job, but a for-reals profession. I have letters behind my name and am in the process of acquiring more letters. I have a house and a garden. I still knit, but I also sew, and run, and hike, and bike, and have drinks with friends, and spend time with my family. I am busy.

I also have post-partum depression and anxiety. I worry. I feel inadequate. I am overwhelmed. I am tired.

And I am learning to be kind and compassionate with myself. I am letting go of things that no longer serve me. Perhaps not for good, but until I feel less overwhelmed.

Sep 012015

I am delighted to officially present my baby boy, Milo, who was born last Saturday August 22nd weighing 9 pounds and 22″ long.  I wrote about his birth experience and our first week together  on my personal blog.


I am so in love with my baby and excited about all of the adventures we will have as a family.


Jan 052015

In the past, my yearly reflections and goals have tended to focus on quantity – – how many yards of yarn will I knit, how many sewing skills will I learn, how many miles will I ride on my bike, how many races will I finish.  While it’s good to have measurable goals, they tend to cater to my Type A / control freak personality and, if there’s anything that I’ve learned over the years, it’s that I ought to depend less on my ability (or, as is usually the case, my inability) to control things and instead learn to appreciate all of those little things that can make life so wonderful.  In this coming new year, if all works out, Josh and I will be embarking on an entirely new set of adventures, adventures that might be so far beyond my control that I might finally learn this important lesson.

Slow Down, Reflect, and Appreciate

While it may have escaped the attention of my blog, I worked hard this past year.  I spent the first part of last year, updating and revising some older knitting patterns and then spent the second half releasing new patterns – – all in all, it was one of my most productive years.  At the Day Job, I experienced tremendous upheaval and variations in my responsibilities, without losing my marbles and, I think, maintaining an even keel.  In the garden, I sowed, grew, maintained, and harvested a ginormous amount of crops and ornamentals – – months after the final harvest, I have a chest freezer full of food from my garden, from which I regularly make meals for Josh and I.  As but one specific example, I tended to 41 tomato plants, which is a ridiculous amount of tomatoes for a two person family (six, if you count the chickens, who definitely enjoyed their fair share of tomatoes).

In the coming year, I want to slow down, reflect, and appreciate.  I want to be less focused on how many knitting patterns I release, I want to feel no guilt at how much or how little I sew, I will have a much smaller (and more efficient) garden, and I am not going to obsessively track my running and biking miles.  I want to work on knitting patterns when I feel inspired to do so, I want to sew when I am excited about a project, I want to garden for the joy of gardening, and I want to ride my bicycle because it’s a fun activity.  Already in the throngs of the new adventure, I have been exhausted beyond belief.  While I anticipate the exhaustion to subside, I want to get away from my compulsion to do, do, DO, more, more, MORE, and instead enjoy and appreciate my experiences.

An Adventurous Spirit

The thing about adventure is that it’s not really an adventure if you are determined to control it.  It’s not an adventure if the outcome is known before the beginning.  So much of my life, I do the same thing over and over, and what I do generally has expected outcomes.  I go to the same restaurant and order the same thing.  I set out on a hike, and travel the same route each time.  When everything I do is the same as the other thing that I did, the days become indistinguishable from each other and I forget that life can be a great adventure.  Part of the shift in focus from doing more to appreciating experiences is also enjoying and being curious about the unknown and excited by possibilities.


Dec 222014

With the longest night of the year in the past, I am excited for more sunshine in my life.  The SADs haven’t hit too hard this year, though in the past few weeks I’ve had several evenings where I felt pretty listless and weird.  I love the summers, when the sun doesn’t set until 10pm, but I really struggle in the winter when it’s dark by 4:30.

Of course, the best way to beat the SADs is to stay busy!  Josh and I have been trying to go on some adventures when the weather permits.  Last weekend, we went out to the Bruneau Sand Dunes and had a glorious day hiking around in the sunshine.


Several weeks before that, the only thing to do was snowshoeing on a very gray day.  Part of our challenge this year of doing adventures is that we haven’t been feeling in top form – – Josh hurt his back while riding his bike on the ice and I’ve been feeling off.


I’ve been doing a lot of knitting and sewing.  This is a doubleknit blanket that I am working on, to stash bust a lot of Jamieson DK wool that has been collecting dust for a long time.


The pattern is derived from my Whorl Cowl, which I recently released and haven’t gotten around to writing anything about.


And I’m almost finished with my coat (just need to add one more toggle button).  This project has been such a SLOG and I kind of want to hide the coat away and never look at it again.


I have started on a fun sewing project!  I’m making foam blocks, using upholstery foam and fat quarters.  I saw the idea on Pinterest and it seemed like such a fun and easy project, perfect to get over the slog coat project.


Interestingly, none of the helpful Pinterest tutorials mentioned anything about how to actually cut upholstery foam.  At first, I tried taking scissors to it, which resulted in a horrible butcher job.  I also tried a variety of knives before doing research about how best to cut it.  The internet suggested that an electric carving knife would be best.  So I headed out to various thrift stores, on a mission to find a used one.  And much to my delight, I only had to go to two thrift stores before I found one and it was only $5!  As you can see, it cuts the foam pretty well!


And I’ve got a couple of blocks done!  This project is nice because the fabric is so easy to work with (as opposed to thick layers of wool and fleece) and is pretty satisfying in how quick and easy it is to make up a single block.  I’ve got enough foam for 49 blocks.


I’m also gearing up to start working on this blouse in some nice Ana Sui shirting that I got on sale from Mood.

Anyway, sorry for the silence around here.  The SADs definitely make me less motivated to keep up with the old blog!


Oct 142014

But will it be happy for Guernsey? As an island I don think many of us will remember 2015 terribly fondly. To be honest, times have felt tougher and tougher ever since the 0 10 tax regime came in and we were all hit by the global financial crisis (that not to say it wouldn have been even worse without 0 10!). Since then the government had less money to play with, and has had to find new ways to get it from us, meaning we as individuals pay more for the same stuff.

And this year looks very likely to be more of the same as other factors increase the demands on the States,wholesale nfl jerseys while at the same time reducing their income. The biggest of those factors is of course the ageing population. We reaching the point where we seeing less of us working and more of us receiving the social and health care that comes with growing old. That started to be a big issue of 2015, but it wasn really dealt with last year. So it really needs to be dealt with in 2016.

That will lead us to the issue of the island population. Perhaps the simplest way to deal with a shrinking workforce is to let more working age people into the island. That would probably require more than just relaxing the licence controls. Guernsey would need to actively promote itself as an attractive and welcoming place to live.

That could be difficult when many of us don want a more densely populated island.

Clearly it more complicated than a simple binary choice between or population but that will likely be one of the key debates on 2016, and one of the key sources of unrest.

But there are plenty of others.

Today as I asked islanders randomly on the street to gaze into the crystal ball in a quick (admittedly unscientific) voxpop, transport was a dominant issue. Ferry links in particular is a major concern, and Condor (who cannot seem to catch a break) start the year off with weather problems and damage to the Liberation. So that an issue that isn going away.

If you a deputy, a public servant, or (like me) just have an unhealthy interest in what the States is up to, another big question mark this year will start to be answered in April.

It is of course the 2016 election, but it also when a new system of government will be introduced. There will be fewer deputies, but more importantly, fewer departments (or as they be known in the future, and there will be one committee in charge of overall policy and direction. The idea is a more coordinated government, able to prioritise properly. But the proof will be in the pudding and it will take that pudding a few months to set, at least.

And then of course there all the things that are happening around the world that could affect us here that we often don take time to think about. The EU referendum, international conflicts that are reaching Europe, climate change, to name but a few.

There lots more I don have to room to get into here, I not even touched on health or education which I think will have rather defining years this year.

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Oct 142013

FILE In this Jan. Fresh off signing a new multiyear contract, Wilkerson expressed his confidence on Wednesday, July 20, 2016, that he will be on the field for the Jets’ season opener against Cincinnati on Sept. 11. “I will be ready for Week 1,” the defensive end said. He is recovering from a broken right leg suffered in last season’s finale and couldn’t predict when he would be available in training camp, which begins next week. (AP Photo/Bill Wippert, File)

FILE In this Jan. Fresh off signing a new multiyear contract, wholesale jerseys Wilkerson expressed his confidence on Wednesday, July 20, 2016, that he will be on the field for the Jets’ season opener against Cincinnati on Sept. 11. “I will be ready for Week 1,” the defensive end said. He is recovering from a broken right leg suffered in last season’s finale and couldn’t predict when he would be available in training camp, which begins next week. (AP Photo/Bill Wippert, File)

“I will be ready for Week 1,” the defensive end said. He is recovering from a broken right leg suffered in last season’s finale and couldn’t predict when he would be available in training camp, which begins next week.

“Rehab is going well,” he said. “I’m running four times a week and just taking it day by day. I’m focusing on my leg and rehabbing each and every day. When the coaches feel it is time for me to get out there on the field and I am ready to go, I will be out there.”

Wilkerson’s deal is worth more than $85 million, including $37 million in guarantees through the first two years. Through three years of the deal, Wilkerson will be paid $54 million in guaranteed money.

Asked if he was surprised that the last minute deal came together when there was so much pessimism surrounding his contract situation, Wilkerson preferred to look forward.

“I’m happy to get a deal done and glad this part of the situation is over with, and now I can just focus on football and get ready for the season,” he said.

“I am glad my agent got a deal done for me and . everybody in my support system. We’re ready to get things rolling. I don’t have to focus on my contract situation and can concentrate on my rehab.”

He also believes the Jets, who finished 10 6 last season, are a playoff team if they build off that performance in their first season with Todd Bowles as coach. But they are missing a key piece from the defense with tackle Damon Harrison now making his living at Met Life Stadium for the Giants.

“We could be the sky is the limit, we can be as good as we want to be, as long as we’re all putting in the work day after day and pushing each other to be great,” Wilkerson said. “We had a good record last year and just have to build on that.”

The 26 year old Wilkerson had a career high 12 sacks last season and was selected for his first Pro Bowl, but was unable to play because of the injury. A 2011 first round draft pick out of Temple, Wilkerson sought a new deal for the past two years.

Despite the uncertain contract situation, Wilkerson spent time at the Jets’ facility during the offseason while working his way back from the injury.

Wilkerson, from Linden, New Jersey, gets to stay home to play for at least five more years after compiling 36 sacks through his first five NFL seasons. He has 372 total tackles, seven forced fumbles and a fumble recovery in 77 games.

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Sep 092013

On Tuesday, Jan. 29, Marc Freedman, 57, entered the school at the Midland Avenue entrance with his dog and was in the lobby outside the gym for about three to five minutes, police said. Freedman then stepped outside for about 15 minutes before getting on a team bus, where he appeared to be recording, police said.

It is important to see how Jesus suffered, how he reacted to it and accepted it; for unless we in our suffering are not with Jesus who suffered, our suffering could indeed become unbearable, more than we can handle. Glib answers are no help to the problem of severe suffering, but, like Christ, we must sense the nearness of God.cheap michael kors At the Last Supper, in the Garden of Gethsemani, and on the cross Jesus talked to his Father and thus his suffering was not more than he could bear, for his Father was present to him..

I spent three days in Moab, Utah getting acquainted with the Switchblade. All it took was the very first corner on Upper Porcupine Rim trail to realize that this was an exceptional bike. Even though I came into one corner gingerly, knowing the brand new brakes were not bedded in yet, the lack of stopping caught me by surprise.

Be in pictures. Local business television producers are always looking for someone to have on the show. Don’t ever underestimate the value of your product or your message. “We are asking for a reasonable number of chicken hens on a reasonable amount of property to provide our families with nutritious food and educational experiences,” wrote Evans. “The current ordinance creates an unfair, very tiny class of residents who are eligible for owning chicken hens versus those who cannot.http://www.outletmk.top Amending this ordinance would extend this special class of people to a broader group who could have the opportunity to raise backyard chicken hens.”.

Well the easiest way to indulge in this spring trend is to buy a color blocked dress. If you want to get a little more creative but do not want to look like you stepped out of the paint shop, then try to pair a bright top with a more subdued bottom. For the braver women out there, pair two very bold colors like a poppy red and canary yellow.

By using simple relaxation techniques, exercising and making changes in our lifestyles, we can manage stress and take control of your lives! Once you have become aware of stress, it’s time to relax! There are many techniques for relaxing (and no one method is better than another), but the most basic is deep breathing. One of the body’s automatic reactions to stress is rapid, shallow breathing. Breathing slowly and deeply is one of the ways you can “turn off” your stress reaction and “turn on” your relaxation response..

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Sep 052013

La femelle choisit le site du nid et construit le nid. Nids sont typiques près de l’eau sur une zone légèrement surélevée. Chaque œuf prend un peu plus d’une journée à poser. La femelle pond généralement cinq à 12 œufs. La période de gestation est de 28 à 30 jours. Les deux femelles et mâles protègent les œufs et les jeunes.

Oies ont des ennemis naturels. Eagles et les faucons sont connus pour manger oisons. Les humains sont leur ennemi naturel le plus connu. Cygnes et oies détestent les uns les autres. canada goose femme Oisons sont capables de marcher et nager à la naissance. Ils sont parfois mangés par le brochet et le maskinongé quand peu. Goslings plongeront sous l’eau pour éviter les prédateurs. A l’âge de neuf à dix semaines, ils ont tous leur plumage nécessaire pour voler.

Oies trouver des terrains de golf à être des zones de nidification premiers. Ils ont couru ins avec des golfeurs souvent. Les oies peuvent être féroces gardiens de leurs nids. Goose scato peut être un problème sérieux sur un terrain de golf. Leurs nids se trouvent sur les ruisseaux à truites souvent dans le Wisconsin. L’oiseau femelle mettra au défi les pêcheurs et entrez parfois l’eau et une blessure faux pour attirer les pêcheurs et les prédateurs loin du nid. Le nid est grand mais pas en profondeur. Elle est bordée de petits bâtons et des plumes d’épingle.

Oies volent dans le motif célèbre V lors du retour au nord ou au sud de vol pour l’hiver. Les schémas de migration ont fluctué ces derniers temps et des oies juste ne prennent pas la peine de migrer si elles ont trouvé une base de départ approprié.

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Jul 102013

CINCINNATI If you’re planning to train your camera on the night sky this Labor Day weekend, take note!

1. Set your camera to manual mode and turn off the flash. Use manual focus instead of auto focus.

2. Set the camera to ISO 100 or 200, aperture f/8 or f/11 and shutter speed at 1/2 second. Take test shots and, if necessary, adjust the shutter speed for the right exposure.

Using a smartphone to take your fireworks photos? Read this.

3. Some cameras have a bulb mode setting, which allows for shutter speeds seconds or even minutes long, which is useful for photographing fireworks and other lights against a dark sky.

3. Photographing at night requires long shutter speeds, which increases the likelihood for camera shake and blurriness. If possible, use a tripod, a cable release, or, if holding the camera, brace yourself against a hard surface for stability.

9 Oregon defeats Washington 45

EUGENE, Ore. Freshman Royce Freeman ran for 169 yards and four touchdowns and No. 9 Oregon extended its winning streak over Washington to 11 straight games with a 45 20 victory on Saturday night.

Marcus Mariota threw for 336 yards and two touchdowns for the Ducks (6 1, 3 1 Pac 12), who won their second straight game as they distance themselves from a loss at home to Arizona on Oct. 2.

Cameron Van Winkle hit a pair of field goals for Washington (5 2, 1 2), which hasn defeated Oregon since the 2003 season.Cheap Jerseys free shipping Sophomore Cyler Miles struggled to find a rhythm, throwing for 147 yards and a touchdown with an interception and a fumble.

Oregon celebrated the 20th anniversary of Pick, Kenny Wheaton 97 yard interception return for a game saving touchdown over the Huskies in 1994 that helped send the Ducks to their first Rose Bowl in 37 years.

Many Oregon fans believe that play was the spark for the Ducks rise to national prominence.

Oregon players wore bright green throwback jerseys with yellow pants in commemoration of The Pick, and Wheaton himself retraced the path of his interception sitting on the back of a bright green motorcycle in pregame ceremonies.

Washington opening series was capped by Van Winkle 33 yard field goal. After Oregon went ahead on Freeman 37 yard touchdown run up the middle, the Huskies narrowed it with Van Winkle 40 yard field goal.

Early in the second quarter Oregon went for it on fourth down and Freeman scored on a 3 yard option pitch from Mariota to make it 14 6. The Ducks extended the lead with Freeman 1 yard touchdown.

Oregon kicker Matt Wogan missed a 33 yard field goal wide left, but Erick Dargen intercepted Miles on Washington ensuing series and two plays later Mariota hit Byron Marshall with a 23 yard touchdown pass to make it 28 6.

It was Miles first interception of the season.

Dwayne Stanford leaped above two defenders to pull down a 16 yard touchdown pass from Mariota that put the Ducks up 35 6 in the third quarter.

Washington scored its first touchdown of the game with 4:45 left in the third when Miles connected on a 3 yard scoring pass to Deontae Cooper to make it 35 13.

Freeman fourth TD came on 3 yard run early in the fourth before Washington replaced Miles with redshirt freshman Troy Williams, who capped his first college drive with a 7 yard keeper to make it 42 20.

Freeman appeared to get his fifth touchdown on a 2 yard run late, but a holding penalty on the offense called it back. The Ducks settled for Wogan 26 yard field goal for the final margin.

Mariota needed just one more touchdown to pass Stanford Andrew Luck (82) for fifth on the Pac 12 career list.https://www.cheapjerseysgty4.top Mariota has 19 passing touchdowns and five rushing scores this season.

The Huskies were coming off a 31 7 rout of California last Saturday in Berkeley. Miles threw for 273 yards and three touchdowns, and Shaq Thompson returned a fumble 100 yards for a score.

Oregon last outing was a 42 30 rebound victory over the UCLA Bruins, which popped the Ducks back into the top 10 after their loss to Arizona the previous week. Freeman became Oregon first 100 plus yard rusher of the season with 121 yards and two touchdowns.

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Apr 092013

Cette application est une réplique de travail plein écran de l’écran de l’iPhone 4 de la maison. Il remplace même la barre d’état de votre téléphone, donc il n’y a aucune trace de Android dessous.

NOUVEAU: balayez vers le bas pour les notifications! Maintenant, vous pouvez accéder à des notifications sans avoir à quitter l’application.

La plupart des icônes sur l’écran va ouvrir l’application Android pertinente lorsque vous cliquez dessus. S’il n’y a aucune application appropriée, ou l’application est pas installé sur votre appareil, il est remplacé par un message parrainé.veste goose canada Les recettes publicitaires aide soutenir le développement futur de cette application, donc s’il vous plaît garder cela à l’esprit

Il est apparemment disponible depuis un certain temps, mais cela est la première que nous avons entendu (pointe du chapeau: Redmond Pie). Il ressemble à quelques sites Android plus obscurs ont remarqué avant. Plus de 13 000 personnes ont téléchargé. Je me demande combien de personnes il est dupe, étant donné que cela ne change pas physiquement la conception de votre appareil Android.

Quelque chose me dit que ce soft ne sera pas autour très longtemps qu’il gagne plus d’exposition. Au moins dans la description, il dit: «iPhone est une marque commerciale de Apple Computer Inc. Cette application est pas affilié à ou approuvé par Apple.

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Que vous soyez au lycée ou au collège, travaillent dans une salle de courrier ou à une banque d’investissement, ce premier stage ou d’emploi peuvent être à la fois excitant et stressant. Ajoutez à cela le fait que.

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